Friday, 12 February 2016

How To Fight Cancer?

Ultimate answer can be with good habits only we can ensure that cancer can't reach us. For defeating cancer we don't need to do complicate things.
1. Daily exercise
2. Healthy Food
3. Don't Get fat
4. Don't Smoke
5. Don't Drink

Only because of being fat, people are getting different type of cancers (Breast, kidney, uterus, Liver and soon)so all we need is exercise.Stop smoking it is one of the main reason for causing cancer. This helps not only you but also family and neighbors. it helps you in increase your life Span.Drinking liquor is also one of the main cause for throat,liver and breast cancer. So, you already got it what am i going suggest "better not drink too much alcohol".3/4th of cancer problem can be avoided by good habits.

Cancers main symptoms in 1st stage. Lets have some knowledge to identify it.

In most of the cancers, until it become complicated,we can't identify symptoms.But there are ways to know them early stages when you find it abnormal in chest consult doctor and tell him the problem and have clinically best examinations.In case of mouth cancer, Doctor immediately the symptoms and helps in early stage.1st stage identification,normal cancer such as chest, uterus can be treated and they at curable and many doctors says about it. Identifying at early stage and getting treatment soon is always necessary.

Cancer affects a person not only medically but also mentally because of financial problems with continuous treatment and emotionally bad thoughts.Medication such radiation treatment is too costly and equipment are also too costly.So normal people can't afford such amount for treatment.Chemotherapy medicine are also costly. So it is also family and people's responsibility to help them in sharing their thought to them feel stress relief. Suggest the patient with cancer to join cancer clubs may also helps in get good suggestion and best information from the people who are facing similar problems. Self confidence also helps them. while taking cancer treatment body goes few changes but they are temporary and some times it may take long time. Chemotherapy causes hair loss and in some cancer treatments some people loses even body parts.some changes are troublesome which don't let us into public.

As doctors also should take responsibility in dealing the patients.Don't take one sided decision in treatments.Discuss and explain the possible treatments and ask him to choose which treatment he prefer and so that patient doesn't go into mental illness.Life style of people and cancer related each other.So in school, colleges & offices should bring awareness in people.

Cancer due to smoking cases reached 22% i.e., large number of patient comes under this category and fat people are also getting these problems. So,in the office campus don't allow smoking. School should promote games daily so it will improve the health of children and in canteen also they should provide healthy food with good proteins. Society should also need change and in home environments they should build parks for walking and playing. Conducting cancer screening events by societie and clubs.

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