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Scholarships for International Students In US.

Scholarships in US, International Students

In America, the students who study in universities in courses of engineering are getting financial aid from universities. According the ABET information, there are above 350 colleges and universities which are offering courses in various fields in Bachelors degree. 

For college selection, student firstly need to check the college in ABET list and also need get the information whether the college offers financial aid or scholarships. These colleges or universities provide a handbook with payment information on the course and Scholarship details as well.             

The information about scholarships are available at Education USA advising centers and also from website. Even you can get how much financial aid the university or colleges provides.

But to get scholarship from these universities its is not that easy. Students from different countries such as India and China are having huge competitions. We need excellent English skills and also good academic track record. In addition to this financial aid, America also provides research grants from $4000 to $5000 for an undergraduate student.

While studying if you can get a teaching assistantship, then you can earn money for your 1st year. So need to search for this type assistantships. The student has to maintain their academic track records. For getting this financial aid the student to consult the respective professor.

To get more information regarding this about financial aid, grants and other fellowships are available Institute of International Education Magazine or website.

Where is Good Universities in USA?

America got didn’t their American universities. We always hear about top ten universities, top hundred universities ranking all this survey or information provided by the individual analyst. All ranking give to them on some base and student has to see what the base is for these Rankings.

In America, there are thousands of famous universities, we need to select suitable colleges and work out plans according to it. Depending on the location personal expenditure varies and their examination pattern varies. We can get information of this university from,,, Normally in America’s academic year starts from August or September to May.

US Degree details:

In Undergraduates, Associate degrees and Bachelor degrees are available. Commonly, we hear about Bachelor of Arts, Bachelors of Science. If we want more knowledge we have to Master Degree, in this master degree category are available Academic and professional. PhD is the highest level of degree in the scientific field of studies. For completing PhD it can be five or eight years. MA and MS available for two years and MBA, Architecture, Journalism are considered to be professional master degrees.

What are the requirements need to apply for US Degree?

  • Candidate signed Curriculum vitae/Resume/ Biodata.

  • Candidate signed Statement of Purpose.

  • A copy of candidate's passport front and back pages.

  • 10th Grade certificate signed by head of the school.

  • 12th Grade certificate signed by head of the school.

  • Semester wise degree transcript attested by university controller of examination enclosed in a shield cover. if student is studying last year then they have include study certificates or if student completed the degree recently then they have to submit provisional certificate and if it is not available then submit course completion certificate from college.

  • Recommendation of the three professor from college or University

  • Tofel/IELTS score report.

  • JRE general test score report

  • Bank Balance certificate of 40000 US dollars.

  • Sponsor letter from mother and father on affidavit.

  • Experience letter from employers if available.
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