Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Links help Search Results

What makes a webpage identified in the vast source of Internet and how to get better in search engine results? Obviously, Search Engine Optimization is the only option for marketing the website or blog.

Though Keywords and Quality content helps for SEO to some extent but quality links helps the search results.

Links play major role in SEO and to get better PageRanking in Google Search results. So, How to get High PR links from trusted sites? What is a quality link? Even if the website is well optimized if you do not have links from other sites and also internal links then site won't have proper rank and never get noticed. A hyper link with text use keyword is always better and hyperlink with an images.

For instance: See the below links

<a href="http://www.blogicteller.com/2015/09/seo-management-tips-techniques.html" title="SEO Management tips & techniques"> SEO Tutorials</a>

<a href="http://www.blogicteller.com/2015/10/scholarships-for-international-students.html" rel="alternate">Scholarship Information</a>

<a href="http://www.blogicteller.com/2015/10/scholarships-for-international-students.html" rel="next">Scholarship Information</a>

<a href="http://www.blogicteller.com/2015/10/scholarships-for-international-students.html" rel="nofollow">Scholarship Information</a>

Remember always "nofollow" attribute in links doesn't carry any value for ranking the pages and it doesn't help to SEO and also remember that link should be relevant to the reference pages so it will helps to develop a well trusted site.

Though many social networks are now changing the comment area to nofollow links but social network still helps us to increase the traffic to website and increase the popularity to the website.

Some people suggest you to comment in the blog or article to get a back a links to site. But right clicking on the webpage and go to inspect element, if you find the link as "nofollow" attribute then it has no value.

Link helps search engines to identify site, calculate the site popularity, help to find internal pages of website or blogs, bring new visitors to the site and also allow learning the subject matter of a particular site. Search engine follow the links and search for the site index page. So, more the links to index page more the better rank. Indexing the site more often is required for maintained the Page rank. So the popular page and page with high ranking provide more value to site. As links are used to calculate a numerical value for a page and also on which page the link originated from and whether the page have higher rank value?

Each browser as their add-on to install them and allow know page ranks of particular.
A hyperlink can be an outgoing or incoming link from websites. Links with in the website or blog are also important and also within the article are considered. What is a good link?
Is it a text based link and does it have good keywords in it? Does the link have title attribute? Is the link is on an indexed page? An ideal link is always linked on index page.

Link analysis is major task in Search engine optimsiation. For Link analysis there commercial tools from different website such as wordtracker.com and majestic.com

Provides the link where ever possible and put keywords into the links whenever possible.

  1. Don't forget about the profile pages and forums 
  2. Professional exchange for links
  3. Relatives
  4. Register in local directories.
Reciprocal links:

Does manages to help in ranking but some times doesn't work because search engine algorithms are getting sophisticated.But there is some procedure which works one way linking in the circular order. This will help owner of multiple sites to link their sites.

Have you heard about press release? If you are good in writing then a find relevant topic to your site and write a new release and spread keywords across the news with 400 to 500 words embed the keywords in the text and links. Some of the website doing press release are






Article Syndication:

Article syndication that works as repositories which provides articles from article library to websites and this websites who need to bulk up their blog or website will select the articles in this library and run article along authors details and they may provide link back to the your sites. By distributing the articles in the syndicate library you may we will probably get links back from two locations, from any website the article ends and from libraries.

Some article repositories:





They are some other article repositories called content sites, which doesn't allow grabbage and only allow quality article:




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