Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Best Teacher will receive 1 Million Dollars

Everyone knows about Nobel Prize awards in the fields of Medicine, Chemistry, Physics, Economics and world peace and the winner in this field are awarded with the million dollars. But they never paid attention to the person who taught them. So, there is no recognition to best teacher internationally until this Award, “Global Teacher Prize” is announced.

Mr.Sunny Varkey who bring this new award “Global Teacher Prize” to existence. Sunny’s opinion that best teachers need to be recognized internationally. They have to be respected well, received well and we have to make them feel proud of being a teacher because teaching not just a profession and its means way more than this educational world and the role of teachers in student’s life is important to the society.

The first Global teacher prize award winner is Nancie Atwell in 2015 and she runs "Center for Teaching and Learning" and she encourages the children to read books in this institute and in this institute yearly 40 books are need to be studied by the students and many student before reaching 18 years, they are becoming writers. Nancie wrote many books about teaching methods and all this books information made available on the website This information is useful to many teachers and Nancie who received the award money again gave fund to the development of the infrastructure of the her nonprofit organization.

This award is back again this year, Last year 5000 applicants applied for this award and committee panel will select 50 members by teacher rating and again these persons filtered to 10 persons and those 10 people will be invited to Varkey foundation in Dubai. Among this ten people Nancie is elected for the award. Already for this year 2016, the announcement made for the application is invited. People who are interested can apply in the can be registered on this website. Qualification for this award is a teacher who for the age 5 - 18 years children only. Even teacher can send their skills portfolio directly for the nomination. For sending, this nomination, October 10th will be the last day.

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