Monday, 28 September 2015

Students Online Career Guide

Do want to be an Intern?

Every student who complete their education is facing a question. "Do you have a previous experience?"from the Interviewer. A student who completed his studies recently, has to say "No" as an answer to above question. With help of some websites, Now, students get information regarding internship offers of various companies. So sites like , , . Engineering, MBA, Marketing, Finance, LLB and many other such courses internship information available in this sites. manufacturing, media, e-commerce you can choice whatever field you like.
Adhitya Birla,, Indiafuture organisation offers interships in limited offers. 

The Students will get stipend for this internship and this also them to get in the company itself. 

This websites will also offer  online course for e-learning and if interested join them.

Do You want Scholarship?

If you are interested and enthusiastic about higher studies. There are organisation that lends support to brilliant students in education. All this information is available to indian students in and not only scholarships in india but also there international organisation information is also available for the students. This website gives scholarship information from primary education to degree levels by separating them in sections. The Site gives information regarding the entrance exam to famous institutions. If you want to get directly phone and email then you need some registrations. According a survey, people doesn't know about scholarship that exist in their locality.  Don't be one in other ignorants.

Student Competitions

Student competition are held some place in this world. Until the result get published we don't even know about this competitions. So to get such information visit ,  and there are other sites which provides both national and international competitions in this sites

IT Graudates

 IT Graduates and those who want to get into IT are getting information in web portal . Course such as  C, C++, Java computer related programming, Appititude, English, reason related tutorials.  The Questions will be answer in simplified manner by any one.

Spoken English?

I listen many students says that they can read and write English but they say they can't speak. So, For such students, There are applications such are English Dost. For now this app helps only person who know Hindi, you can learn by playing. Every level in game you complete. Even level of English usage changes. Even this app is developing in local languages. There are others helloenglish, mera, wordplex are some of them.

Employment Info

After graduating career planning is needed and every person need to search jobs for their survival. So to help this unemployed people, an app named Happy Minds came into market. The people who registered in their field into app gets notified regards various vacancies in that field. Even eligibility criteria for this job will be available in this apps


  1. Government jobs fever is catching up these days as there is much scope of development from the current running government investing in variety of projects. This is a good sign of the development of a country.

  2. Your information is very useful for most students. I think it's very cool to have access to this information.