Sunday, 20 September 2015

Best Ways To Earn Money

Filling Surveys is not enough to earn real money and you will get nowhere. May be it works other countries not countries like India. Earning money in India needs real skills. Some of the ways which may help you earn money in India


Blogging: If blogging is your hobby and capable of expressing your views, that's enough for making secondary earnings from the hobby. If this is just a start, building traffic is most important and it needs better knowledge. If you are capable of retaining atleast hundreds of people to your blog with required no of posts then you can make at least $0.5 to $30 per day by allowing advertisement on your blog with your articles. But they are many people who are earning thousands of dollars on blogs by advertisements.

There are many advertisers such as Google Adsense, Yahoo, provide their own ads for their blogging sites. These Sites make most of their revenue from ads.

In addition to blogging, (SEO) search engine optimization becomes required skills to make your blog best viewed. Bloggers in countries such as UK, US have best earnings and many blogs have turned Media Companies

If you are good SEO or SEM who can promote websites, blogs, articles, press writing releases, posting and submitting own website to directories and search engines. Many companies don't do this by themselves and they use SEM who is expert in this field. So you can offer even this service.

Paid Writing:If you don't know about blogging or don't have experience website, But still you can articles? Then best way to bring your article on site like Helium, Weblogs or payperpost. Writing e-book is the best option for those who can't invest. So this doesn't need to printing cost and shipping cost.

Web Designing:If you are a designer, Create blogger themes and blogger themes become famous and need excellent skills in web design and if can create creative themes than you can sell the themes in sites Template Monster, Themeforest and many others which are acting as a market place. Web Designer can even sell their designs and templates buy hosting website by themselves.

Online Tutoring: Let's say you are good at some topic or a subject and you can sell your expertise on the subject you selected online by tutoring. It can be anything from agriculture to professional course. They are many tutoring websites such Lynda, Udemy etc., which are making money online.

Sell Things: By becoming partners with site ebay, flipkart and if there is a product that you can sell at good margins comparing other products. Become an affiliate for selling the other companies product for a commission that he promotes. For this we don't need own the product. Companies like Commission Junction and Click Bank are having a large pool of products. Being Freebies is also a way to make money online.

Publishing videos on Youtube: Publish Videos on multi channel networks like YouTube, Vimeo and others. Making Videos now-a-days become easier because of smart phones. Firstly, you need an account to upload videos. Secondly, you need to make better and interesting videos that can hold viewers' attention and upload enough number of videos. This is the best opportunity to make money from the videos. Do you have skills which are unbelievable? Make it a video and publish it on YouTube and don't forget to monetize your videos. This video sharing network place ads on your videos and make money on your videos to pay you

Cash Back: If you have investment for buying things Cash Back option is not only best option but also helps in improving to start a business of your own. Still in India many people don't know this way of saving money."Buying for ourselves is saving.... But buying for others is income to use".

Selling Art( Photography): If You have a quality camera and have good knowledge in photography. But you need HDR pictures that can sell on Fotolia, Dreamstime and Shutterstock

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