Monday, 21 September 2015

How to buy shares in india

What are the requirements before buy shares Online?

Firstly, we need a broker that who can buy or sell shares on behalf of us. These brokers are also called as stock brokers. A stock broker must be a person who is registered officially with only these people are allowed to go into the market.The broker's list who are affiliated to them

Secondly,We Need a Demat Account.The Question may arise anyone who does not know, what is a Demat Account?Demat Account stands for Dematerialized account. Demat Account will show the information regarding how many shares that we hold. We need to Approach depositories for getting this Demat account. Depositories also have agents called depository participants. In Addition to Demat account, we need Pan Card (Permanent Account Number) which is necessary.

Thirdly,we need a UIN (Unique Identification number) number for people who will invest 1, 00,000 rupees or more in a single transaction. SEBI's NSDL (Depositories) have point of service agents and we can approach these agents to fill applications form or we can obtain this application from online at the NSDL website to get UIN number. Get More Details: NSDL Web site.

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