Friday, 25 September 2015

Design Themes improve Blogger Views

One of the most important features that blogger needs to understand is how have attracted the visitors and keep them hooked. The design of the Blogger need to be unique and designing the themes for blogger for multiple platforms and multi browser compatibility and also think about different sizes of displays such as smart phones, tablets, various sized desktop displays.

Avoid any irrelevant content that makes reader keeping away from the Blog or web sites. Do not irritate them without proper layout of the design. Divide the layout into different sections such as header, footer, main content, sidebars. Think aboutthe placement of ads which can generate revenue from the blog. Do not think much about these ads placement and follows guidelines issued in Ad sense. Allow the ads from Adsense in strict areas that is intended. So that the reader doesn’t get confused ads from the real content.

Design themes are very much important to make blog best viewed.

  1. Make sure that the header of the blog is available for Adsense ads.
  2. The sidebar should be enough wide and board to display ads. 

Bloggers must also remember that design theme of the blog should be mobile responsive so that we don't neglect mobile readers and customization of the place for ads.

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  1. You Talked About Design But Please provide More Details regarding it with examples if available