Monday, 18 May 2015

How Fun girls get attracted to honest boys?

Maintain self confidence. Self confidence is the most wanted quality that a girl looks among boys. Building Self confidence and trying take to lead your group and don’t be second and first come first go.


  • Volunteering ourselves for few hours without any selfishness in some social service. This will give you the chance to prove to yourself
  • Learning new things and new skills always makes you confident and also perfect in things you do with information available for you.
  • Maintain self respect. Never ever compare to others and doesn’t act like others. Be yourself and that will make you fantastic.
  • If you trying to be some else girls will always notice they will not impress because you are faking others.

Be a clean person. Don’t be a smelly person because girl always looks for neat and stylish person. Girls do not like a person who does even take care of his own cleanliness which indirectly means you need to be well dressed and well shaved and hair combed, who is perfumed without bad body odor.

Be Clam and Nice. Don’t be angry, upset, or unpleasant to talk. Being friendly and supportive make you better a person whom she wanted to approach if she is upset. Help her to take her mind off of her problems.

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